Here you can find tutorials that will guide you when starting and managing your Internet Radio Station.
They are rich with screenshots and explain step by step how to use the Control Panel, configure live broadcasting software
and do everything that is necessary to let listeners enjoy your Radio Station

1. How to create an Internet Radio Station? (1)

2. Video Tutorials (33)

How to create a playlist and playlist types. How to upload files on the server and start the AutoDJ [VIDEO] Disabling AutoDJ and starting the server? How to change your Centova Cast Password? How to change the broadcasting codec in Centova How to get started? How to turn on and off PUSH notifications? How to configure Winamp with SHOUTcast DSP plugin? How to set up Mixxx? How to set up B.U.T.T.? How to set up Call-In between Skype and Mixxx? [VIDEO] How to log in to your Billing Panel? How to test your internet connection with our database? How to upload files via FTP software? (FileZilla) [VIDEO] Deleting files from your AutoDJ [VIDEO] Getting your AdMob code for the app. [VIDEO] How to submit a ticket? [VIDEO] What is Remote Radio Setup and how to use it? How to reset your Centova Cast password [VIDEO] How to reset your Billing Panel password How to open and use Live Chat How to set up Mount Points? [VIDEO] How to change the method of payment in your invoice? How to create a DJ account? [VIDEO] Creating User Account Template [VIDEO] Creating User Account [VIDEO] Creating a custom theme and changing the theme for your webplayer. [VIDEO] Cancellation of recurring payments/subscriptions made through Paymentwall [VIDEO] TuneIn API Setup - How to get more listeners from TuneIn? [VIDEO} Setting up a custom, default and permanent cover art for your WebPlayer [VIDEO] Managing customer accounts and your reseller account or radio subaccounts on your dedicated machine [VIDEO] How to add a fallback/intro file? [VIDEO] How to submit a service cancellation request?

3. Frequently Asked Questions (11)

4. Listening to your Radio Station (8)

5. Broadcasting using AutoDJ (8)

6. Broadcasting Live (9)

7. Payments (8)

8. Web Hosting Service (16)

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